Monday, March 23, 2009

Time with G.G.

Before the state conference, we spent some time at Dh's mother's house since she lives just across the bay from Tampa. The girls enjoyed going to the beach and park with her. It was nice to have a few days of relaxing.

FSCAR State Conference

We spent this past weekend in Tampa for the girls' FSCAR State Conference. Eldest served as Organizing Secretary this past weekend and the other girls were state chairman for various committees. They all had speeches to give so Mom had lots of opportunity to work on her speech writing skills. :-)

They also served in various ways at the conference. Pumpkin and Cucumber were personal pages for the State President and Sr. National President and Longlegged girl carried the American Flag during the processions. Mama got to make sure everyone was lined up for the processions and marched into the room correctly.

Saturday night was the awards banquet so everyone, including Puddin, got fancied up. Eldest was also installed as Chaplain for next year. Afterwards, a dance was held and even Puddin participated in it.

Science happenings

The girls found a butterfly and was able to catch it. They enjoyed looking at it and examining it.

Eldestof5 is taking Apologia Biology this year and made it to the dissections. I let Daddy have the fun of helping her out. They did the earthworm and crayfish first. I worked out on the Wii Fit while they did the dissections. The younger girls enjoyed watching some also. It was a profitable time and information was learned by all.