Monday, October 8, 2012

Our Growing Family

Chicken family that is!  We added 4 more girls to our coops on Saturday.  They are Golden Sexlinks and around the same age as our Buff Orpingtons so not laying yet but should be soon.  Here are some pics of them.  I know at least one has been named, Snickers I believe, but don't ask me which one.

Speaking of our Buffs, look how big they have gotten!!  Not the small things we brought home 6 months ago.

 We did end up with 3 roosters out of the 5 so 2 of them are up for sale or trade.  Anyone interested?

Here is our handsome guy, Mugsy, and his lady Ramona.  They are our Australorps.  
I couldn't get a shot of Dove, the third of our surviving original 5.

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