Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

It is 2013 and I am still around.  I did well until mid October and then things go crazy around here so I didn't get posts up.  The next few posts, I will do summaries of what was going on around here and then we will see how well I do.  I've decided to keep this blog for mostly school related and every day things.  I am going to start another blog for my ramblings and the 365 day photo challenge I am going to take on.  I think any farm related will go on our blog we used when we built our house: From the Ground Up.

The end of October brought a day trip to Sea World with Puddin's science co-op.  Since they are studying sea creatures this year, it was a very appropriate trip.  We took our pastor's oldest daughter with us along with June's aunt and mom.  We had a wonderful class on Whales and Dolphins to start the day off.  The teacher was fantastic and very enthusiastic.  Our kids did wonderful answering her questions and she was impressed a few times with what they knew.  The rest of day was spent going to the different shows and we saw all the animals except the dolphins.  It was windy as a result of Hurricane Sandy passing by and they had already had a piece of roofing blown down.  It was a wonderful day with friends.

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