Sunday, January 12, 2014

Birthdays and a New Year

So after Christmas, we really hit the ground running.  For three days, we were involved in the setting up and happening of a wedding for the daughter of close friends.  It was a wonderful time (and probably good experience as my girls are quickly approaching the age where wedded bliss could take place) but definitely busy.  I don't have any pictures to share as I was too busy with the wedding to take any.

The day after the wedding, the twins and I jumped in the car and took a drive to SC.  A close friend of theirs through speech and debate was turning 16 and invited them to her Mystery Dinner party.  The family graciously opened their home to us and even had a warm dinner of soup and potatoes waiting for us when we finally arrived.  The girls had a blast helping prepare for the party and then solving the mystery at the party.

No, we don't need another cat!

 Madame Mauve and Professor Plum

Lady Lavender    

The birthday girl in orange as Senorita Naranja

 The victim was found!

After our short but enjoyable stay, we traveled back home on New Years Eve.  We got home just in time for the bonfire party that was being held at our house.  Our oldest, Kemie, invited friends from her college and singles group of friends so we had about 15-20 young adults here.  We played Mafia, enjoyed the bonfire, danced and played card games.  The last ones left about 1:15 a.m. with one girl spending the night.  What a joy it was having all those young people around.

Now that the new year was rung in, it was time to think about speech and debate because we had to leave for the first tournament on the 6th in, you guessed it, SC.  I think I am getting to know that state quite well!  The rest of that week was quite a flourish of activity and on top of it, we had a pastor candidate come in town to see and get to know our church and area.  Since Mike is on the pastor search committee, we attended dinner with them Saturday evening which was a great delight.

Sunday was my 46th birthday so in the midst of the all the packing and getting ready, we found a little time to celebrate.  I chose Japanese for lunch and greatly enjoyed all the yummy food.  Victoria and Kemie bought a variety of cheesecake for dessert so that was enjoyed later in the evening.  Victoria did make sure to pick up "magic" candles but I did get them all blown out for a second!  I am thankful for another year the Lord has granted me and look forward to whatever He has as His plan for me in this next.

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