Monday, November 7, 2016

Why I Didn't Vote For Trump

I early voted the other day and I didn't vote for Trump.  Now if you were to look at my ballot, you would probably say, "Um, I don't think you are being truthful because there is a mark next to Trump's name."  You would be correct but I still didn't vote for Trump.  Instead I voted against some things:

- I voted against a person and party who praise Planned Parenthood from the platform.  A person who has openly said they have no problem with killing a child in the womb regardless of how far along the pregnancy is and no matter the reason.

- I voted against a person and party who think the government, both nationally and internationally, should have more say in how my child is raised than the parents.  Remember, it takes a village to raise a child.

- I voted against a person and party who want us to have less choices with our healthcare so that they can then make decisions on when someone doesn't have enough value to treat their issues.  We aren't there yet but it is the direction they are wanting us to go by causing insurance and prices to go so high no one can afford it.  Take a look at the Affordable Healthcare Act and see how "affordable" it is.

- I voted against a person who has been caught in lie after lie and doesn't think the rules and laws apply to her.  She doesn't take national security seriously so why would I want her as head of the country with access to everything.  Then there are those who have lost their lives as a result of her actions whether directly or indirectly.  Benghazi can start that conversation.

There are many other reasons I voted against this person and party but these are among the top.

I didn't vote for Trump, I voted to take a stand for those who can't because their lives are cut short before they even enter this world because someone views them as a mistake or a problem that would be too difficult to deal with.  To take a stand for the freedoms that thousands have given their lives for through the 200+ years of our country's history and that those in other countries risk their lives for to come and have a part of.

I pray you go and vote tomorrow for what you stand for.


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Well said my friend!

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Totally agree :)

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