Saturday, December 6, 2008

November into December

Wow! I had many events that I took pictures of in a week time so I just decided to put the majority of them in one post. We started with Thanksgiving. We visited with Mike's Dad and family here in town. We enjoyed some delicious food complete with turkey, corn casserole, broccoli casserole, potatoes and much more.

After dinner, we enjoyed sitting around chatting while the little ones found the dress up clothes. We had dancers and pirates running everywhere. Mike and his dad played the guitars for us and we sang some songs.

After the little ones went down for the night, we played on the Wii. We did Wii Sing and enjoyed seeing who could follow the music better. I did pretty good for not knowing any of the songs!

Puddin was ready to crash after such an event filled day and I rested up for my shopping adventure. I went from midnight to noon on Friday. The deals weren't really worth doing it again but I did enjoy the time with my sweet friends.

Saturday found us getting out the Christmas decorations. It is a tradition to try and do it on Thanksgiving weekend. That is also when we break out the Christmas CDs and play them full blast :-) Daddy hung the lights on the house while the girls and I worked on the bushes and yard. If I ever get a good shot of the lights, I will post it.

We also had the fun time of keeping our twin niece and nephew over the weekend while their parents went to the FSU game. On Sunday, after having naps, they were enjoying a snack with Puddin. They were having "Veggie Tale" sticks :-)

Christmas evening, we got our tree decorated. I had bought one with lights already attached on clearance last year so it was much easier to put up this year. The girls enjoyed putting the ornaments on and then Daddy hung our nail in the tree to help us remember that Christ is what we are celebrating and he was born so he could die on a tree for our sins! He truly is the reason for the season!!

On Wednesday, we celebrated St Nicholas day and opened our stockings. We had to do it early this year since we had conflicts with Friday and Saturday. It put a little rush on me as I wasn't totally ready but with Eldest help, I got the shopping finished Tuesday evening. Puddin found an apron and hat for her warmth gift. One of her grandmothers embroidered it for me with her name. She can't wait to help me make cupcakes wearing it.

Cucumber found an elf nutcracker for her wood gift. She was very thrilled with it.

Pumpkin had a hat for her warmth gift and Longlegged girl was thrilled over her money gift - a Starbucks gift card.

Eldest was jumping for joy when she found a frappuchino as her food gift. She was even happier when she found out there were 3 more to go with it!

I enjoyed a Starbucks gift card also as I like to treat myself occasionally. Hubby found jeans which he greatly needed. They didn't fit in the stocking real easily though!

After opening stockings, we roasted marshmallows over a fire and made smores for our dessert.

I thought I would throw in a picture of our beagle, Ashlee. She enjoyed all the evening activities from the safety and warmth of her bed.


Letitia said...

You had a busy weekend. I can't believe you shopped from midnight to noon!
I've never heard of the types of gifts you all had, and opening stockings early in Dec. You'll have to tell about them.


Violin Mom said...

Sounds like you had the best Thanksgiving weekend. We try to do all the decorating we can that weekend, too. I like that pole your DH uses to put lights on the roof. That would make life easier. But here in our state, isn't it nice that our fingers aren't frozen to the bone after installing those outdoor lights? I remember very cold hands doing this up north. I enjoyed your pictures.