Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Thoughts on the Octuplets

So I watched the special interviewing the CA Octuplet mom tonight. Really we should say, the mom of 6 plus octuplets. I am very conflicted over this situation. On one hand, I agree with her that life begins at conception and that we are not the ones to decide which life(s) should end in the womb. Children are a blessing from the Lord! No doubt on that one. However, we then have to look at the question of should she have had IVF done when she already has 6 children, is single, not currently working and attending school. While I do not agree with destroying the embryos, I do believe there was the option of allowing someone else to use them.

Will we, as taxpayers, end up helping her with these children? She seems to think not but can you imagine the costs. The medical alone is going to be outrageous and then the possibility of disabilities is higher. Then what about daycare while she is working as she apparently intends to.

I am mostly just thinking out loud here. I don't know the right or wrong answer here but I do know the One who is in control of it all and regardless, He allowed those babies to be born for a reason. I am amazed at how well they are doing and know that is only because of His grace. I pray they might continue to defy the odds and grow into strong, healthy children. Most of all, I pray their mom truly knows Him and teaches them to know Him also.


RachelQ said...

I have been thinking the same things. I got a magazine in the mail this week that talked about a couple donating their leftover (hate that word) embryos to an infertile couple, who passed the ones they didn't use to another who passed them on to another. They didn't take for the last couple but because of what the first one did, 2 other families had children and the babies were allowed to live. That is a gift!!!

Under the Florida Sun said...

I've had the same kind of thoughts too, but I keep being brought back to ' God works all things out for good' - even things we force to happen.
God bless her for not choosing to 'selectively' abort them and want to give them all a chance at life.
I'd rather my tax dollars go to her then support abortion clinics and gay marriages like it does now.
Thanks for being honest and open about this! ;-)