Thursday, January 15, 2009

My birthday

My birthday falls shortly after the holidays so it can sometimes be a little crazy for my family. Monday morning found my family showering me with gifts. I received an FSU necklace, 2 new Bibles from my hubby although I have to return one of them because the print was just waay to small for these older eyes. Longlegged girl drew me a picture of a coffee cup as I am changing the theme in my kitchen. It will go nicely with the one hubby drew me. Pumpkin also drew me a picture of a hummingbird. She knows that I love birds and flowers!

The girls and I went shopping after breakfast. We hit some consignment and thrift stores and found some deals on clothing items. Eldest cooked me a dinner of stuffed shells. It was a great way to spend the day!!


Violin Mom said...

Happy Birthday! I enjoyed reading all your posts today. Good to have you "Back" posting again.

Letitia said...

Those are some great pictures they grew. Sounds like a succesful day!
Is this your brother who was in Iraq?

ap5 said...

Sounds like a great birthday!!

Under the Florida Sun said...

Hey there!! Wow! It's been forever since we've caught up with each other. I saw your comment on my HSBer account. I rarely use that anymore (only for making some money $$). You look great! And Happy Belated birthday!
Hope you are keeping warm this weekend.
Stop by my blogger blog!

Pam said...

Happy belated birthday June! What a lovely day! Sounds like your family really knows what you like. :-) You look really young in that picture with the necklace!!