Sunday, April 26, 2009

My garage sale find!

I am so excited! Since we are planning to put the house back on the market, I have been wanting to better organize my scrapbooking as it is in our bedroom. I would have loved to have used our computer armoire but we still need it. Then I started looking to see if there was anything I could set on top of the drawing table I was using to put things behind close doors. Yesterday, I had to take the twins to have their yearly school evaluation done and passed by a nice neighborhood having a community garage sale. I stopped by on the way home and, at the 2nd house, found something to help with my dilemma. It is a roll top desk with storage underneath.

It works perfectly for some scrapbook stuff. The top has drawers for my pens and adhesives along with spaces for all punches. The desk part pulls out so I can leave the page I am working on laying there. The bottom part fits my sticker album perfectly and in the large drawer, you find my extra paper and whatever album I might be working from. The top drawer holds my cricut cartridges perfectly.

I love how the Lord cares about even our little wants!! I hadn't even considered this until this week and, if I hadn't had to take the girls, I probably wouldn't have passed the garage sale. He just worked everything out for me to find it at just the time I needed it.


Under the Florida Sun said...

What a great find!! It's works just perfectly for you!!! Yahoo!!

Cindy Wick said...

Great find! I'm working on organization too ~ you can see my latest project on my blog. :)

I was thinking about you and thought I'd go searching to see how the Mahan family is doing. I'm glad to hear your putting the house back on the market ~ maybe this time it will sell! I pray so. :)

I miss you June. Tell Mike I said hi. :)



Letitia said...

You've been quiet as of and on FB. I hope all is well. Any luck on the house showings?

Pam said...

Great find June! It looks wonderful and I know it must be a great feeling to have your scrapbooking stuff be so organized! Any nibbles on the house?