Saturday, September 1, 2012

Been a looong time

It has been over 3 years but I am back.  I have desired blogging again many times but just haven't done it.  Today, I spent an hour or two saving 60 pages of posts from my previous blog (I can't believe it was still on-line!) and while reading through the things I had wrote, I really desired to get back started so here I am.  I cleaned up the place, did some redecorating and am ready to go. 

Now, what has taken place since April 2009?  In a nutshell, much!!  We finally sold our house in August of 2009, spent the next year finding land and building a house.  You can read about that adventure here.  We have been settled in for 2 years this weekend, in fact!  We have added 9 chickens to our "farm" along with a bunny and black lab puppy.  We are still working on the garden after it was flooded out this summer by TS Debby.  It will need to be moved up closer to the house where it is a little drier.  We are currently waiting to dry up so we can work on that.

As for schooling, we are continuing on.  My oldest, Kemie (formerly known as Eldest), is dual enrolled at the local college and will be graduating this spring.  She has been driving for over a year and works at a local grocery store.  Victoria (formerly known as Longlegged girl) is possibly going to dual enroll in the spring and is learning to drive.  Hannah (Twin 1) and Abigail (Twin 2) are in high school level now.  The older girls are all doing speech through our local club and the NCFCA while Victoria is debating for the second year and Kemie is going to give it a try her last year.  They are debating Lincoln/Douglas style.  The youngest, Puddin, is now in 2nd grade and enjoying a small co-op at our church for science.

As for me, I am busy keeping everyone on track, leading the co-op, being the speech coach and just basically keeping the Mahan machine running.

You are hopefully caught up and will desire to continue following our adventures.  Check out the sidebar for ways to do that.  Until later (but not too long)!

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