Friday, September 20, 2013

New School Year...Another Try

Once again, I am going to try and keep up with this blog.  I love having a record of our schooling and just day to day life.  Especially since I can't seem to keep up with my Memory books at this stage in life.  Anyway, on to the post.

We never really took a full break from last year's school.  The twins have been doing biology since June in hopes that they can be done before we get into tournament season in the spring.  I bought DIVE Biology at the FPEA conference and they have really been enjoying it.  One of the nice things is they don't have to do the labs and I don't have to worry about making sure we have all the supplies.  They just watch them on the DVD.  They even made a passing grade on their first test which covered about 8 weeks of work.  At this point, I am planning on them using the same thing for Chemistry.

G took off all of June and started back after 4th of July.  She is in 3rd grade and moving right along with her work.  We are able to double up on math right now and her spelling/grammar so she can have 4 day school weeks with Fridays off.  Her co-op started up last Thursday with the second half of our science book along with learning some world geography.  Our first stop was Asia with the specific country of Thailand.  I plan to post about our Thai dinner we made.

Victoria is in her senior year.  She opted, with my approval, to not do dual enrollment so she is doing personal finance for her math, home economics because you know a girl has to be able to cook and run a household, along with speech and debate.

We are taking a year off from Tapestry and concentrating on current events.  The reason is I am requiring the girls to compete in Extemperanous this year.  We are doing some TOG literature from Year 4 as there are some books I wanted to them to read.  We have already covered Cherry Orchard, Animal Farm, Glass Menagerie, The Pearl and The Old Man and the Sea. Some of these, like Animal Farm, have led to some great discussions.

It feels weird not mentioning what Kemie is doing now that she has graduated.  She took the summer off from classes but is taking 2 this fall along with working close to full time at Maple Street Biscuits.

Stay tuned for more!

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