Saturday, September 21, 2013

Friday Fun

This morning found G up and ready to head to the park. Thanks to a group on Facebook for local homeschoolers, I found out about a PE class on Friday mornings. G worked ahead so that she would have no school today. Unfortunately, I double checked the group and found a message that the lady would not be able to do the class after all due to work conflicts. As she is in the military, I don't think she can call in sick.

 I told G that we would still go to the park and do our own workout. Abigail joined us. After we did an invigorating obstacle course and tried to run up a tree, we went to feed the ducks. 

They were very anxious to see us and even met us before we even got close to the pond. As you can see, Abigail got up on a table to escape them!

 Shortly after we gave them our bread, we heard a noise. The ducks immediately took off together towards the sound. We followed and discovered it was an automatic feeder that had dropped food into the water. They made quite the ruckus eating up the food. The white ones were the funniest with their tails up in the air. 

For lunch we enjoyed a treat. Our local Chick-Fil-A offered a free sandwich with the purchase of a large drink if you wore a FSU shirt or cap. Well, since we are FSU fans, we were there!

This was the second time this week we were able to get free food.  Monday, when we went by the library, they had punch cards leftover from their summer program so we were able to go to McDonald's and get free cheeseburgers.  Have to love finding deals!

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