Friday, December 6, 2013

Rocking around the Christmas Tree

 Thanksgiving being as late as it was this year, we broke one of our traditions and began putting up Christmas before Thanksgiving.  It still took us all weekend to finish decorating due to spending time with extended family and needing to buy new lights for the pre lit tree that only worked about 2 years.  We were finally all home together Sunday afternoon to do our annual tree decorating.

Daddy helped by hanging his ornament from when he was a child.

She was being extra careful because one ornament had already been broke.  
Bare feet and broken glass don't mix well!

We also had lots of fun like pretending we were Rudolph....
 having birds perch on our head...
 or being a pirate.
 Victoria even got her finger stuck in the topper for the tree.  Daddy to the rescue!
 He put it on the top of the tree away so it couldn't happen again.
We then took our annual picture around the tree.  I think they outshine the tree!!
 On Monday, we were able to finish the last of the decorations so here is a mini tour of our decorations.

 This guy is at the end of our driveway and wishes you a Merry Christmas!!

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Beth Spaulding said...

I like the picture of the stairs with all the stockings!