Tuesday, December 1, 2015

O Christmas Tree

So the turkey has been eaten, time has been spent with family and now it is time to deck the halls.  We decided last year that we might go with a real tree this year.  We were even more excited to find out about a tree farm not far from us where we could actually cut down our own tree.

Since we usually decorate the weekend after Thanksgiving and it is the only day that all of use are together, we decided to head over on Sunday afternoon.  Since Florida has decided not to join in the sport of Winter, it had to be in shorts and short sleeves.  We had a fun time looking for just the right tree.

 Finally the right one, exactly 7 feet tall, was found and we began the task of cutting it down.  We didn't know a little tree could be so strong.  At last, though, it was conquered!

Soon the tree was shaken out, wrapped up and secure on the top of the car.  Gretchen took a moment to take a horse ride.

After we got home and got the tree set up, including attaching it to the wall with fishing line due to the 4 legged furry friend we have in the house now, it was time to put the lights on.  We also discovered it already had a decoration!

Some of the older sisters decided it was time to wrap up their little sister.
Finally, the ornaments were ready to be hung and many laughs were shared while memories were made.  Looks like a new tradition was made while enjoying an old one.

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