Monday, July 21, 2008

Back to school

Yep, we started our new school year today. I have a 9th grader (high school, how did that happen???), 7th grader and 2 5th graders. The girls weren't overly thrilled with starting back but it only makes sense. They were getting bored with the lack of routine and it has been either waaay too hot or too rainy for them to go outside and play. I certainly don't want them sitting on the computer or playing the wii or watching tv all day. We are just doing math, english/latin, typing and science. We will start the rest of our subjects in about another month.

I planned out our days on my google calendar but the Lord will direct our steps as we go through this year.

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Letitia said...

We're doing some math a couple of days a week, but so far that's about it. Of course, we haven't been at home long enough to get too involved in anything. We've done a few learning activities here and there. I bought Daniella a 1st grade skills workbook at Staples the other day just because she loves to work in them, so she and I have had fun working in that. We're headed to the beach in just over a week!!
I do wish we had a Target. There is a rumor that one is going in a new development about 20 min. away. One can only dream. : )