Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Mercy Me concert & camping

We spent the last weekend of June in Valdosta, GA. We went to Wild Adventures where we have annual passes. They had a Mercy Me concert Saturday evening which was the main reason we went. That was one of the best concerts I have ever been too!! They kept the whole night focused on the Lord and glorifying Him and the music is just fantastic. Can you tell they are one of my favorite bands? I would definitely make every effort to attend one of their concerts again if they are in the area.
We camped overnight which we hadn't done since November. Dh and I got the king size bed this time because we experimented with having 2 of the girls sleep in the back of the Yukon. It didn't work quite like I had hoped so I have to rethink it a little before we go to Boston. Of course, I can also pray and hope that our house sells and we can invest in a bigger and better working camper before then.

Our camper had been parked at my mom's for a good period of time and was filthy! The girls gave it a really good scrubbing and it looked much better.

Still need to fight some areas with bleach but that will be another day. We were rained on both days at the park. Saturday started with some really big gusts of wind so thankfully we were near some shelter during the worst part of the storm. It continued raining lightly for a few hours but they got the rides back up and going after about an hour or so. Thankfully, it had completely stopped by the time the concert started. Sunday, it rained again really hard but we played cards under another shelter and it didn't last as long. We didn't do the water park which was just as well with the rain. Hopefully, we will work in another trip with Daddy along to do just the water park.

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