Thursday, October 2, 2008

Boston in the Fall

Our trip started early Saturday morning after a quick stop at Starbucks to fuel up on caffeine. We made it to just outside Brunswick, GA when we came to a stop. Ooops, no gas! Thankfully, our new GPS allowed us to find a gas station to call and get them to bring us gas. We were soon on the road again.

Speaking of gas, the Lord really blessed us regarding the prices. I was concerned the prices were going to spike due to Hurricane Ike but once we made it to NC, we didn't pay any higher than $3.70's and even were blessed with $3.30's at one stop. We knew we were back in the South when we hit $3.99 on the trip home.

We made it to VA that night and stayed in a nice state park. We all work together on getting the camper up and down so it doesn't take us long, maybe 15 minutes at the most.

Eldest directs the backing up while Longlegged girl watches.

We made it to the Boston area late the next night. I had reservations at a state park so we just found our campsite and checked in the next morning. It had rained there earlier in the day but was just real windy that night. I did wonder if we were going to hear any tree branches falling the way the wind was whipping. It wasn't coming into our camper though. It seemed to stay up high so it was on the humid and sticky side that night. We went to Plimoth Plantation the next morning and met up with one of my internet friends and her daughter. The girls had a great time exploring and playing with their webkins. There was a voting exhibit where you elected who you thought would be the best leader from Pilgrims and Indians of that time period. We enjoyed talking with the enactors, especially in the Plimoth town. They stayed in complete character the whole time. Dh learned all about thatching a roof while my friend and I talked to a gentleman about travel and education of that time.
In an Indian house and checking out the canoes they use.

How is the garden growing?
A view of the town from the church up on the hill

My friend and I in our unintended matching shirts.

The next day, we began taking in Boston. After hearing the call for a walking tour of the first part of the Freedom Trail, we decided to splurge on that. It was a good decision as we learned many tidbits that we wouldn't have on our own. We ended at Faneil Hall so since it was lunch time, we took in Quincy Market. Mmm, does it smell good in there! That was the first place, while on our honeymoon, Dh and I had Shepherd's Pie so he and some of the girls had that.

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