Saturday, October 4, 2008


We were very happy to see the mountains as we went north from Boston on Saturday morning. We also began seeing a little bit of color which only became more pronounced throughout the week. The pictures just don't do justice to the scenery we saw. I could have just kept the camera to my eye the whole time as we drove around. Some of this was in New Hampshire also as we were right on the border of the 2 states.

We went to church Sunday morning with a friend of mine who then had us over for a simple lunch. She enjoyed showing my girls the apple tree in her yard and I enjoyed getting to visit with her in person instead of through e-mail. We went back for dinner with her and her husband on Wednesday evening.
This is the view from her front door.
Monday found us over on Route 100 where we took a tour of Ben & Jerry's. We enjoyed the tour even though they weren't making ice cream, especially the free sample at the end. We didn't buy any ice cream though because it was one of the chillier days. We actually were pretty chilly in our camper the night before due to it getting down to freezing.

We then took in the Cold Apple Cider Mill and enjoyed hot drinks and cider donuts. Yummy!! Someone saw us taking pictures and offered to take our family picture which was very nice. We enjoyed these gliders and I asked dh if he thought he could make one :-)

Tuesday was a drive into New Hampshire where we drove to the top of Mt. Washington. It was a clear day so we had a beautiful view from the top. While we enjoyed the drive up, we still say Pike's Peak in CO was better and a little scarier in the drive.
The highest winds ever recorded were up here. They were over 200 mph. That explains why they had chains holding down the building. I don't think I would want to be up there when that happens.
We had to climb the rocks, Puddin included.

On the drive down, we stopped and walked a trail for a short while. We, of course, had to climb more rocks.
After a late lunch, we looked around the town at the bottom of the mountain. While in a little shop, we learned what the Moose tours were. We couldn't afford the tour but we decided to drive the route and see what we might see. After about an hour and it starting to get dusk, Mike saw one running down the side of the road. Most of us just saw the profile and backside. Our hopes up we kept driving and a short while later, Mike spotted another one standing in a clearing. It stayed there while we turned around and then stood there while I took a few shots. Success!! We ended up driving the whole route which took us through Maine, a state we hadn't planned on going to. That made 14 states that we drove through during our vacation.

Wednesday we stayed around St Johnsbury and visited the Maple Farms factory. The tour was nice but the maple candy was the best!! We could eat that all day long.
Thursday was our last day for touring so we found an apple orchard to pick our own apples. Dh found some milkweed to show the girls. We had a great time picking and quickly filled up our bag with Cortland and Macintosh apples. We had better fun eating some :-) We then drove to the Cabot factory and learned all about the making of cheese. I think that was my favorite tour because I am such a cheese lover. The sharper the better but wow, it takes a long time!

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday was driving home. It was a great vacation as evident by Puddin.

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Wow!! What fantastic pictures June!! So gorgeous.