Thursday, October 2, 2008

Boston, Part II

Between our days in Boston, we drove over to Lexington and Concord. We started at Concord and learned all about the battle at North Bridge. We also learned about this cannon that had been discovered recently and played a part in the beginning of the American Revolution. Dh enjoyed the weapons but he was fascinated with the interior woodwork of the old house it was located in.

The girls and I on North Bridge in Concord

A tree full of girls and beautiful ones at that.
Puddin enjoyed playing peek a boo around the tree.

This was a tavern along the route that we stopped at. They had a rifle firing demonstration which was interesting.
Thursday found us back in Boston doing the last leg of the Freedom Trail. We toured old "Ironsides" which is in wonderful condition and a beautiful ship.

The last part of the trail is the Bunker Hill Monument. It contains 294 step to the top and Longlegged girl was not looking forward to it. We did it though and made it to the top successfully. Puddin even made it about 1/2 way and then Mom and Dad took turns carrying her. Daddy gave her the ride all the way down.
On Friday we headed back into Boston to visit the Public Gardens and take a ride on the Swan Boats. The ducks were fun to watch diving under the water. We then walked over to the "Make Way for Ducklings" statue. For lunch, we met up with some homeschooling families that we are in an on-line co-op with. Then we headed back to the campground to pack up for our drive to Vermont the next day.

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