Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Our Thai Food adventure

I really have been trying to get the blog updated.  We have been having internet problems, no, actually we just have lousy internet service that was just worse than usual, so uploading the pictures was really difficult.  Anyway, I finally got them up so here you go.

G is part of a World Geography class at her co-op and each month, we will be studying a different country.  We moms decided to do 1 from each continent except Antarctica.  The first month was Asia and the country that was chosen was Thailand.  I didn't know much about Thailand so mom received an education also.  We learned that the 3 popular foods were jasmine rice, fish along with other seafood and chilies.  They also use many of the tropical fruits like coconut, pineapple and mangoes.

We decided to try a Thai menu for dinner one evening.  One of the problems, though, is only a few in our family have taste buds that really enjoy spicy foods so I decided to make the meal in order to control the hotness level.  We found a recipe for Chicken Satay along with a Peanut sauce.   We also made some Jasmine rice.  
G had the job of threading the chicken onto the skewers.  She worked hard and had fun.

Abigail made some egg rolls for us.  Not really Thai but definitely Asian.  Success was had in not making things too spicy!!

Kemie and Hannah gave a try at wrapping bananas

which Kemie then fried for dessert.  I made some chocolate sauce to go with it.

We enjoyed it with fresh pineapple.  Yummy!!  
I didn't get a picture of the chicken and rice but couldn't miss out on this dessert!

There was also a recipe for a chicken and coconut soup that I wanted to try so we made that the following week.  It was delicious!!!  I did add a little more red pepper this time so it had some kick but adding rice to it made it doable.  That and a glass of milk!  I will definitely be making this again.

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