Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Viva Mexico!!

It was crazy last week but I think I survived it.  We had our Apolojax meeting on Tuesday which is normally a long day but it was even longer last week.  Our good friends whose oldest daughter is getting married in December came in town from New Orleans.  I had to meet up with them Tuesday evening so we could tour the church for the wedding.  It ended up being a long night but enjoyable all the same.

Thursday was G's co-op meeting and it is my month to teach Geography.  Our family is doing Mexico!  G had made a salt dough map of the country.  Not bad for an 8 year old.

I decided to do a powerpoint to show some of the country's geographic features and history.  You should be able to see it below or you can download it as a .pptx file to watch with Powerpoint.  That way you can see all the little animations that were added.

We also did a craft of making sombrero's.

Below are the items needed:

Paper plate (preferably all white)
Plastic cups (about 6 oz size)
Tissue paper

I had the children color their plates with a crayon.  They then took a precut square of tissue paper, wrapped it around the cup and attached it with tape.  The bottom was tucked up into the cup.  3 pieces of tape were placed on the inside of the cup with the bottom part sticking out. 

You then tucked the tape under the cup with the sticky side facing down and set the cup on the plate. 

 We then added a piece of ribbon around the bottom of the cup.  You now have a completed sombrero!  Further decorating could be done at home.  The students loved putting them on their heads.

In science, they finished up the lesson on crustaceans.  For their craft, they made horseshoe crabs.

 The rest of the week was spent getting ready to help host a bridal shower.  I made some of the decorations along with the nametags.

This one is my favorite!  I love birds!!

 Sure am glad I have my Silhouette SD.  It makes projects more fun!

Links to photos in Powerpoint

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Cindy Wick said...

Awesome post! I fully intend to get back to my blog, but wow is blogging labor intensive. I find I can either do art, or blog but not both. Since my blog is a crafty one, it's not working out so well right now! lol All that to say I recognize how much work went into the post. Great job. :)