Tuesday, February 2, 2016


We climbed in the car to leave Florida and headed northward, our minds wondering if there would still be some of the snow they had gotten over the weekend.  When we arrived, cheers erupted as we saw white all over the ground.  My youngest quickly donned on her gloves and coat to begin making snowballs and snowmen.  That night was freezing temperatures so the next morning there was some ice around.  I left the room first and quickly found out just how slippery ice was on a road.  Thankfully, the injury was only found with bruises on my hip, elbow and wrist.  Later that morning, as I sat with ice on my arm, I find out that one of my girls had also fallen on the ice, my youngest who had been enjoying the snow with friends but then found herself on some ice.  Down she went with thump and an arm hitting the curb.  Yep, Daddy took her off to the urgent care to confirm what was suspected - a broken bone.  This was a first for our family but she was full of smiles as she returned with a sling and wrapped up arm.
We were at the NC National Open tournament when all this happened so her sisters, Hannah and Abigail, who were timing and competing, didn't have a clue about the drama until later that day when people started asking them how their little sister was.  I did try to reach them earlier!

Other than the falls on the ice, the tournament was a good one.  Hannah and Abigail were very excited to find out they advanced with their Duo to semi-finals and Hannah also advanced with her Open.  They also received some good feedback on their ballots which was very encouraging for all of their speeches.

The youngest has decided it might be awhile before she wants to be in snow again so it is a good thing we are back in Florida where the only ice is in the freezer.  She went to get her permanent cast today so she will be styling for a few weeks.  Mama will also be getting lots of practice with her writing because school must go on.

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