Saturday, November 1, 2008

Fall Festival

We had our annual Fall Festival at church last weekend. The girls entered the pie contest. Eldest made a Lemon Meringue with the help of my mom, Pumpkin and Cucumber made a Pumpkin pie on their own and Longlegged Girl made a French Mint pie with my help.

The girls had loads of fun playing the many games. Pumpkin and Cucumber got carried away

Longlegged Girl got led through the obstacle course and Eldest helped lead Cucumber through.Puddin kept herself busy doing a treasure hunt, helping gather balloons and being an airplane.

Daddy led some music around the campfire with his guitar and I just enjoyed fellowshiping and watching the fun. Oh, and taking the pictures :-)

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Violin Mom said...

It looks like you had a terrific Fall Festival! Thanks for sharing the pictures.