Thursday, November 13, 2008

Veteran's Day Parade

We participated in the Jacksonville Veteran's Day parade this last Tuesday with our local society of C.A.R. The girls really enjoy wearing their colonial dresses and carrying the banners and flags. Puddin and I rode on the trailer this year. I walked it last year and trust me, my feet were hurting!!

It was quite a long parade this year and thankfully, we were at the front since we represent the first war in American history. We were able to watch the rest of the parade with my SIL and her children. It was a great way to show appreciation for all our veterans!!
Eldest in her new dress and hairdo
Longlegged girl ready to march
Not sure who is who but they sure look cute!
Puddin looking sweet in her colonial dress

Mama and Puddin on the trailer

This is the horses that walked behind us in the parade. Puddin wasn't really that afraid of them it was just that the horse kept swinging his head over at her and she kept saying he was going to lick her. At one point in the parade, we were joking that the horses were going to get up on the trailer and ride with us as they were so close. It was probably the hay that they were after :-)

My niece and nephew enjoying the music and waving at the people


Violin Mom said...

You guys do the best things. I never even thought about going to a Veteran's Day parade. Maybe next year. Have a blessed day!

Letitia said...

That is so great. Marissa would LOVE to do that, since the Colonial time period is her favorite.