Saturday, November 1, 2008

Finished TOG Year 3, Unit 1

We finished up our first unit in Year 3 and with a co-op. We learned about the War of 1812, Louisiana Purchase, the beginning of the Industrial Revolution with its many inventions and South America and its fight for freedom from the Spanish led by Simon Bolivar. The girls read classics such as Pride and Prejudice, Frankenstein and Swiss Family Robinson along with some poetry. Did you know Frankenstein was the name of the creator not the monster?

The on-line discussions have added to the learning and the older girls really enjoy it. Well, Eldest is not thrilled with Literature but it is more the analyzing aspect than the actual discussion. She is slowly getting better with it though. The other moms have done an excellent job and it just keeps getting better. My turn to teach will come in the next unit.

Pumpkin and Cucumber were assigned to do a report on one of the inventors they learned about. They both chose to make one of his inventions. Cucumber chose Robert Fulton and made a steamboat while Pumpkin did Eli Whitney and his cotton gin. They gave a presentation to the rest of our family one night after we had a South American type meal. Good job girls!

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