Monday, November 10, 2008

Hair Everywhere!

I spent a few hours tonight cutting hair and it wasn't my own which is in need of a haircut soon. I started with Puddin. I mainly just got rid of the ends which were getting scraggly. Daddy doesn't want her hair cut until she is 5. Next was Pumpkin. She made the decision, on her own, to cut her hair as short as Cucumber's. She wanted them to look more alike but she doesn't want bangs. Cucumber wasn't thrilled but it was Pumpkin's choice. Here are some before and after pictures:

Next was Eldest turn. She shocked me yesterday by saying she wanted her hair cut in a bob. She had been talking about getting bangs which I didn't think would look the best. I made double sure before I cut it but once we were done, I could quickly see it was a great choice. I love how it looks fuller and shows off the wave that has developed in her hair.

I did give Cucumber a quick trim also. Longlegged girl was the only one who didn't get a cut tonight. Mainly because she didn't really need it but also because my legs and back were done for!! I don't want to be a hair stylist when I grow up!! We watched Little Women while I cut which I thought was an appropriate movie. The tears flowed all the way around the room during the part where Beth dies.

Dh walked in the room after I was finished and wanted to know if a dog exploded. There was quite a bit of hair on the floor but there is also more cash in my bank account which makes it worth it.


RachelQ said...

I wish I could cut L's hair. I just don't have the guts. They all look great btw

Letitia said...

Cute cuts. I usually do Marissa's and Daniella's hair, although I did send them to the salon when they got it cut for Locks of Love. I couldn't handle 12" of hair on each of them! I'm ready for one myself.