Saturday, September 22, 2012

Happy Fall Day

"Happy Fall day, Mama!" was how my 7 year old greeted me this morning.  She is so excited that it is now Fall.  I remember those days!  Unfortunately, I have learned that here in Florida even though the calendar may say fall it takes a few weeks for the weather to catch up!  Should be soon though according the forecast.  I can't wait to open up the windows!!

I have used the hint of fall as an excuse to get some work done outside.  The garden areas have been neglected due to the rain and flooding this summer but we are finally dry so the girls and I have been pulling weeds for the last week.  I also moved some of my knock out roses to other areas because they weren't receiving enough sun.  I then found some azaleas for $3 at my local Ace so I planted them along with some Asiatic Jasmine that will hopefully give some ground cover to help with the weeds.  There are also some hostas in that area.

 I also picked up some mums because it just isn't fall without them!  The girls and I also put out pine straw in the front beds as a mulch.  I think it fits living in the country.

Here is a hibiscus which has recovered so well from last winter that I hate to see it have to start over again next spring so I dug it up and put it in this pot. Now it can visit inside when the weather doesn't suit it's tropical needs.

I also dug up these guys which are also a jasmine.  I had planted them in front of the alarm for our septic system hoping to hide it some.  Instead they keep getting hidden by all the grass and weeds.  I moved them here and plan to get a trellis so they can hopefully help hide the garbage cans!

I had intended to work on our new veggie garden area but we are having problems with our mower and that is what pulls the plow.  Hubby did get the area mowed down some with the tractor.  Hopefully I can get to it early this week!

I'm wrapping up the day watching the Noles play Clemson and hoping they can pull out the win!! Happy Fall!!

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