Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Things that go togther - Not!

Peanut butter and jelly, pen and paper, bacon and eggs - all things that go together.  Chickens and dogs - not so much!  Ever since our Lab puppy showed up on our porch, we have seen trouble on the horizon.  Tonight it came to a head in that one of our chickens, Oreo, died as the result of rough treatment by the Lab.  This is the second chicken we have lost in the past month. The first, Peanut, died most likely while we were out of town and at the mouth of a carnivore like a coyote or fox.  We found only enough evidence to confirm it had been our chicken and that she had been out at least a day as there was a broken egg nearby.  We are also missing a 3rd chicken but hope she is just hidden good for the evening.

Our chickens are in coops with fenced in run areas but the gate is a little iffy on how secure it is.  That will be fixed in the next few days.  We are also giving a training tip that we read about on line a try so if it works, I will share about it.  If this happens again, there will be no grace and the dog will have to go.  Not an easy decision but the chickens are an investment.

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