Saturday, August 23, 2008

Fay is gone!

Well, for the most part Fay is gone. We are still getting some showers such as the ones that gave us another 1.5 inches today for a total of 8.5 inches so far and some more showers expected tomorrow. We are grateful that it is that low though after hearing the amounts from other parts of the state. We had some strong winds but only branches and LOTS of leaves down. We heard that a tornado jumped us, so again, we are thankful for the Lord's protection. We lost our power Thursday night but got it back Friday morning. Our generator that we bought after the 2004 storms did well in providing us fans during the night and keeping our food cold. We spent the time doing a puzzle, playing games, and scrapbooking along with our school work. I will try and add some pictures tomorrow.

I picked up Longlegged girl this morning who had ridden out the storm in Ormond Beach with her aunt. She had a good visit in spite of the interruption by Fay. They even went to MGM Studios park in Orlando on Friday! I am thankful she is back home and we are all together safe and sound.

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