Thursday, August 28, 2008

TOG Discussions

We joined an on-line co-op for our Tapestry discussions this year. I wanted to have my girls involved with a few more students so they could hear other viewpoints and thoughts.

Today was our first sessions. Both older girls had History at 9 a.m. I listened in and thought it went well. The teacher had put together a power point to aid in the discussion that I found really neat. I will have to keep that in mind when it is my turn to teach. The discussion was mainly the French Revolution and John Adams presidency. I didn't get to hear everything but it sounded like the students were prepared and did a good job.

After a break, Eldest had to get back on at 1 p.m. for Literature discussion. This is all new to us as she has moved up to Rhetoric (high school) level. What I heard of that seemed to go well also. It was mainly an intro to and why of Literature this week. Next week they will get into Pride and Prejudice. Eldest seems to be enjoying reading that book.

We are off and running with our full school schedule now!


Letitia said...

That sounds intense. It would be to me anyway! : ) I'm glad she's enjoying it.
I hope that hurricane~turned tropical storm, doesn't pick up any speed again, and you all are spared any bad weather.

ap5 said...

Hey June,
I just checked out your blog for the first time! I think it's great! And we can't wait for Micah to start laughing - sometimes he smiles so big and it seems like he really wants to, but just hasn't quite figured it out. I can't believe how big your girls are from the pictures I've seen! Everyone says it goes by so fast, and now I'm saying it too! Micah is two months old today! I hope you are all doing well.