Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Where did everyone go?

I have been single parenting for the last 2 days. Dh went out of town on a business trip until Thursday. In addition, Eldestof5 is gone for the week also! She is visiting an aunt who has sweetly taken each girl for a few days over the summer. Longlegged girl still has her turn coming up. We will pick her up on Saturday when we go to the beach for a birthday party for my soon to be 2 year old niece and nephew.

We have kept busy with my working at the store I help at and 2 of the girls taking a knitting class there each afternoon this week. I was also able to get the yard mowed in spite of the unexpected rain we had last night. Tonight is take care of some more school planning - Tapestry of Grace specifically and tomorrow I hope to do some scrapbooking. A dinner at friend's house will finish off Thursday and then Dh should be home.

Hope everyone else is having a great week!

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