Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Names & Bloodlines

This is a repost of one of my favorite entries from my other blog. It was originally posted 12/1/05

Our 2nd DD has a little trouble with her memory, especially names. Tonight on the way home from swim practice, she was telling us about a boy on the team and said his name was Noah. (Dh wanted to know if he builds boats ) Turns out his name is Ken. Thankfully, she hadn't actually called him Noah!!

Their discussion during practice was about ancestors so we were talking about ours as we have English, Scottish, Irish, German and possibly Blackfoot and Cherokee indian. This same DD couldn't understand how we could be related to William Bradford (from the Mayflower) if we have Indian blood. Then when I mentioned how I wish we could prove the indian ancestors, she suggested that they just examine our blood to see if the indian blood was there. That led to an explanation of how we are all human and our blood is basically the same so that wouldn't be possible. So we had a little history/science lesson today after all!

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