Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What do you do with...

A child who is all legs but very skinny? Take her shopping for new pants. Longleggedgirl has outgrown lengthwise all her long pants. She tried wearing a pair of 14's the other day which were big in the waist but not long enough in the legs. We hit Kohl's this evening since they had an additional amount off if I used my Kohl's card. We tried the Juniors section first. The 0's and 1's were great lengthwise but not working in the waist. We then headed to the boy's section but since we passed the girls section first, we stopped there. We found some slims so we picked up some 14's. Adjustable waists were a bonus. Nope, the 14's were actually too tight! That hardly ever happens with her!! I went back out to find some 16 slim's and they actually worked!! I can't believe that I had to buy 16 slims for my not even 12 y.o. daughter yet. And she has just about caught up to me in shoe sizes. I am in trouble because she hasn't even really hit her growth spurt yet. I expect it this coming year since she does turn 12 tomorrow. Craziness!!

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Letitia said...

The same thing you do with an 11 year old who is a little "stocky", and not very tall?? Pray!! I do really pray that God will help me find pants for her. Jeans are not an easy thing to hem. She literally tries on pants that fit in the waist and are 10 inches too long. She gets boys jeans a lot, and occasionally has luck with girls (mostly in more expensive stores, but I usually can find them on sale).
I can personally relate to your daughter, though. I was very tall and skinny when I was her age, and with big feet, too.