Monday, August 18, 2008

Happy 12th Birthday!!

Longlegged girl turned 12 on the 14th. We started off the day with her birthday cereal. Our tradition is the birthday person gets to choose any cereal they want for breakfast since we don't normally do sugary cereals. She and Twin #1 then had an art class .
That evening, after a dinner of hamburgers, we went bowling. The girls found out it wasn't as easy as playing it on Wii! They still had fun and we were able to get 3 games in. We then went to my mom's house for cake and present opening.
Eldestof5 and Twin #2 made the cake. Can you tell what it is? We had fun figuring out how to make it but it was extremely rich to eat. 2 brownie mixes, a can of buttercream frosting ( just on top!!) and all the candy! I couldn't finish my piece.

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Violin Mom said...

What a sweet birthday celebration! I am sure she had a happy birthday. The deal with the sugary cereal sounds like us - Fruit Loops are only for vacations. I wish you well with Tropical Storm Fay, especially as she might loop back over our state from the Atlantic. We are just starting to get the northernmost fringe of her rain bands this hour. Blessings, Violin Mom in FLA