Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tips On Making A Birthday Cake

This is a repost of one of my favorite entries from my other blog. It was originally posted 12/13/05


Tip #1 - Ask child 2
weeks, not 2 days, before what kind of cake they would like. That way, if you need a special pan that has been discontinued, you will have time to order it off the internet!

Tip #2 - Don't try to make a lasagna and sandwiches for the trip to the zoo along with bake and decorate the cake all in the same evening. Especially if you are also trying to watch the season finale of "The Amazing Race - Family Edition"

Tip #3 - Check what kind of cake you need for the other special pan that you borrowed from a friend before you buy several boxes of cake mix that are buy one, get one free!

Tip #4 - Make sure you have the icing color you need before 10 p.m. Thankfully, blue and yellow make green even if DH says it looks like wasabi.

Tip #5 - If the cake directions say it takes an hour to bake, plan on double that. Maybe even triple!

Tip #6 - Marry a DH that has more artistic talent and patience than you so he can turn the green blob that the icing won't stay on into a tree.

Tip #7 - Keep both sets of your rechargeable batteries charged so you can take a picture of said cake and post it with your blog entry.

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